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Who we are and what we do?

The megabit ® is a registered trademark of LDA megabit., It is operating in the field of Information Systems and Technologies since the year 2003. With a sustentained growth not only to the level of the volume of business as in your book and hiring for your team talents of excellence in each of speciality areas, today we are able to provide products and services to our customers that address virtually all of its IS / IT needs, since infra structure to the management software, passing the maintenance of HW, webdesign, e-commerce, solutions for the end user and technical assistance on mobile devices such as laptops, tablets e smartphones.
No year of 2014 we started a new stage, creating new offices, service center and customer service, Low in the Port City, specifically in the Rua de Santa Catarina and Rua Guedes de Azevedo.
Explore a bit our website and contact us to learn more about the megabit and how we can help you develop your business.

Repair your iPhone, iPad or Samsung, just in time, in downtown Porto

Repair your iPhone, iPad, or Samsung and others Tablets and Smartphones.

repairs from 15 minutes
with warranty!

Thinking of you, we installed our center of technical assistance, customer services, Low in the city of Porto, immediately before the start of the pedestrian street of Santa Catarina, in Rua Guedes de Azevedo (next to the famous Wedge Restaurant). That way, You can move our facilities drive, metro, bus or even walking. zone with great acess, parking at the door, metro, buses, Train and bus to 100 meters.

We are specialists in Apple MacBook board repairs, iPhone, iPad and iMac

but we do low-cost repair of all types of computers and laptops from all brands!

Low Cost Repairs / Low cost

We reduced repair costs from your pc or notebook, using new and reconditioned components of portable or desktop computers and, all guaranteed!

For your convenience, We are located in downtown of Port City.
Leave us your equipment in the morning, when you go to work and, collect it in the evening when you return home!

Success rate
customers (Private and Business)

Professional services

the inicial services to the continued services

We believe in each company, each organization, each team lider, each entrepreneur, you have to focus on the hard core of your business. Many companies dont have dimension to absorb in their structure a dedicated team technologies and information systems with enough skills in each area (these areas are more and more diverse in the organization). The establishment of true partnerships with suppliers of information systems solutions is, then, essential in design cost optimization perspective, operation and maintenance of these same solutions.

SLA compliance
customers (Private and Business)

Renting GRENKE solutions

A MEGABIT e a BITTER They established a partnership that allows you to purchase your new equipment and technological solutions, and pay in installments soft. Do not get left behind! Informatize your company, follow the evolution of the market and its competition. We have a leasing solution to your needs. Contact now with megabit!


We created Sites and Online Stores

Web Design Services in downtown Porto

Because time is money

We have SLAs of 7 / 24 (seven days a week, 24 hours per day)

Rest assured as the maintenance of their computer systems.
Since the server infrastructure to simple printer, through personal computers, biometric interfaces or network infrastructure, our technicians may be available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, so that your company continues to work.

Applications for funding programs and to support the modernization of SMEs and Trade

A megabit is a partner of LusaPME, Business Association specialized in this type of applications (Portugal 2020, trade Invest, Invest +, etc.). We can assist you throughout the application process. Do not miss this opportunity!
Modernize your business. Contact already with megabit!

Solutions Management and Billing XD

Billing XD Disco programs, XD Rest, POS XD, XD SPA, XD Auto, XD XD Retail and Commercial Management Unlimited, in downtown Porto.

SECTORAL SOLUTIONS for Point of Sale and SME Management



XD REST (cafes and restaurants)


POS XD (street stores and small shops)


XD BEAUTY (Hairdressers and SPA)

Do not waste time!

Do not let yourself fall behind! See NOW megabit.
We are certain that we have a solution to your needs!

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