Training in Information Technology

in order to maximize its human resources

Our catalog of training has been designed to complement our projects with the knowledge necessary for the proper operation of the solutions. However, It is also available autonomously, with a set of actions that can be performed exclusively for your organization or a shared model. On their premises, in our or other, promote the transfer of knowledge in order to maximize its human resources.



personal productivity
  • Introduction to personal computing
  • Introduction to Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
  • Internet – safe web browsing
  • e-mail, contacts and calendar Microsoft Outlook no
15 hours
(5 sessions 3 hours)
3 trainees 125€
WEB content with WordPress
  • Management and web content update by WordPress framework
  • simple graphic editing with Photoshop
10 hours
(5 sessions 2 hours)
1 forming 255€
  • online store management by PrestaShop and WooCommerce framework
  • simple graphic editing with Photoshop
10 hours
(5 sessions 2 hours)
1 forming 275€
Digital marketing (workshop)
  • Marketing and Digital Marketing Principles
  • Consumer Trends
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
3 hours
(1 single session)
(not applicable)

(To be held at the customer premises. Maximum number of students limited by logistical conditions)


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