Covenants in Monthly Support and Information Service

We are your reliable partner when it comes to Information Systems. Through our consulting services, management, support and computer maintenance, increase the efficiency of companies, allowing that to focus on the most important: their business!

O Monthly retainer of service in Computer Assistance megabit is a service hired through a low-value monthly retainer, as a cover that includes the normal business hours on weekdays.

If you want to ensure complete availability of its IT systems and ensure that any problems on their computers does not affect the operation of your business, then this service is the right solution for you.


Hire now Monthly retainer in Megabit Computer Service and let the problems of their computer systems on our own.

Your business depends on the use of information technologies?

Supposedly technology serves to make your job easier. Be the owner of your business and not a computer expert. Let megabit deal with the necessary maintenance for your computer work smoothly adhering to our technical computer support contract.

We guarantee the operation of your business

  • Continuity assured operations;
  • Priority service order fulfillment;
  • Planning and cost control.

The alternative to computer support services charged at the time. Opt for a computer service contract tailored to your company

Opt since the retainer Monthly Assistance Information megabit

  • Monthly retainer computer support;
  • service level commitment and response time (LETTUCE);
  • predictable monthly costs;
  • permanent remote assistance;
  • service quality assurance;
  • Refund in case of dissatisfaction proven;
  • We adjust our service to your needs.

The Monthly retainer is a computer service contract that is an advantageous alternative to computer support request paid by the hour. It is the service contract under conditions compatible with their needs in order to ensure the continuity of its operations and prevent breakage of situations that might adversely affect your business.

This service includes assistance to solve or overcome emerging situations of the operation and functioning of installed solutions.

It is the best way to keep your computers and systems running without interruption and we guarantee that will always be up to date, optimized, clean and free of viruses.

This technical computer support contract does not include travel, doors, providing training, supply or consumable parts or equipment temporary replacements.

For your convenience, we are located in downtown of the city of Oporto and, let's go to your company, wherever it is! Contact Us!

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