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Who we are and what we do?

We are a complete Information Technology company. We create cheap and reliable sites, Online stores, Sites medida, and more ... We Systems Engineering, Business Technical Assistance, Maintenance Contracts, Consulting, and Forensic Expertise in Court in Information Systems (Investigation and analysis of incidents related to Information Systems and Technologies, expert testimony in legal proceedings, and technical-legal support, be the courts, to the plaintiffs or defendants) .

No market since 2003, we decided to, consciously, that our focus would be individual entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized enterprises. We bet a small team (12 contributors), but versatile, professional and very experienced in the main national technology companies, carefully selected, so that we can practice low prices, and we can provide our customers access to technologies, good practices and services normally only accessible to large companies. No year of 2014 we started a new stage, creating new offices, service center and customer service, Low in the Port City, specifically in the Rua de Santa Catarina and Rua Guedes de Azevedo.

We want to modernize the small businesses and small businesses. We want to evolve with!


A megabit is divided in 4 business area


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Who we are, where we come from and, where are we going:

No market since 2003 e, supported by a strategy to diversify the portfolio of services provided and sustained growth, megabit started in 2014 a new stage, creating new offices, service center and customer service, Low in the Port City, specifically in the Rua de Santa Catarina and Rua Guedes de Azevedo, and recruited for his paintings new elements, once again, carefully selected.

The megabit ® is a registered trademark of megabit, Lda., of IT services and web-design, Windows expert Engineering, Unix e Linux, Systems Integration and Maintenance Contracts Hardware / Software, with pre-paid hours Bags, at greatly reduced prices, in Systems Engineering Services, that differed by its positioning and its approach to the market, with special emphasis on the ITIL best practice library and sizing / cost of the solutions presented. Still in the year 2014, also created a laboratory specializing in electronic repairs and micro-welding, we are committed to hiring and training of technicians and engineers, and make repairs to their computer equipment in general, tablets e smartphones, the best market price and in the heart of Harbor City! We work with dozens of service shops and we are sure that we can establish an excellent partnership with your.


A megabit ® has the primary objective to be recognized as the main reference in the Information Technology Providers for SMEs. We assume, with proud, we want to be your single point of contact, for all your technological needs and, we are certain that we can be, effectively and efficiently!

We are a team of more than 20 accumulated years of experience, some of the largest national technology companies, in various areas of IT and we want to put all this experience and knowledge to SMEs. We want to modernize the small businesses and small businesses. We want to evolve with!

megabit Renting solutions

With megabit can get your new equipment and technological solutions, and pay in installments. Do not get left behind! Informatize your company, follow the evolution of the market and its competition. We have a leasing solution to your needs and we want to evolve with! Contact now with megabit.

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