... we share the best of what we offer our customers.

For us each client is unique, as are their needs.

In megabit we develop design methodologies and implementation of solutions that allow us to meet the particular needs of each client. We believe that, within the standardization and enjoying all that good this has, the objectives of a company to develop its new website, online store or choose your infrastructure supplier, maintenance or support are unique and studied in accordance with its business plan.

Our success is due to this personalized approach to each client, each company, each system and for each objective.

We want to extend the reach of our solutions and our services. And as we believe that the value we add to our customers' businesses is high, we want to share it!

Wants to expand its portfolio of solutions and services?

Want to add value to their own solutions?

You want to retain your customers?

Wants to consolidate its business in the IT area with excellent services?

Contact Us.

We are currently extending our partner network, the various levels (Bronze, Gold, Platinum), in order to project our commercial capabilities, implementation and support beyond the current limits of this network.

Advantages of being a megaPARTNER

As a partner megabit will have access to several competitive advantages that will stand out from the competition and enhance your business from your customer. Among others, you can get:

  • free commercial training
  • free initial technical training
  • exclusive technical certification for megaPARTNERS
  • Plan incentives for partner sales team
  • Monitoring the definition drilling plans
  • I support the characterization of customers and markets
  • Analysis and design of commercial proposals of the partners to their customers
  • Monitoring proposals
  • Monitoring of the entire service delivery
  • Support financial advisory models of billing and collection
  • high trade margins - share value
  • recurring bonus as objectives of each partner - who deserves reward

Together, mais do that we are worth soma das parts.

Leave us your contact details and we will pay all the information on how to become a megaPARTNER.


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