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Create an institutional site for companies or create online sales site and professional quality, in megabit it is possible! The online presence of companies and institutions is not an innovation but an obligation.

Currently, when a particular consumer or business customer has a need to purchase a good or service, refers immediately to the internet search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) and ultimately make the buying decision often influenced exclusively by the online image of the company and its products. Even in purchases that will later be realized in person, the company's virtual image has great influence.

Webdesign services of the MEGABIT are composed of three strands:

Web Design megabit services:

1 - Design by professional digital graphic arts and ergonomic interfaces

2 - programming that implements the initial conception and design of solutions with features the most current technologies in this area

3 - Production of digital media, creating parts (photography, video, animation and texts) necessary for the implementation of unique sites for each customer.

All these service components takes into account that each client is unique, each company has its own identity and each business should be boosted to the max.

To facilitate the first approach to the development of the website of our customers, developed three levels of pre-defined services, with the essential features for these projects (LIGHT WEBSITE, STANDARD WEBSITE e POWER WEBSITE).


As each case is unique, we can design the ideal solution for you, with all the components you really need, tailored to your budget and expectations. Contact us and we will be happy to make the study of your case, no cost or commitment.

A customized website in a

Our web development platforms are adapted on a case, according to the needs of our customers. However, We make every effort to use the most standard technologies industry, so that, despite the website design exclusivity, the customer can get several advantages over other approaches:

  • efficient development – By using standard tools, we can count on a number of accelerators, in the form of extensions, that decrease development time needed to produce the website
  • Safety – Since the authentication required for editing the website to use in e-commerce, the safety of all accesses and changes is maintained at the highest level, with the latest encryption technologies that are standard in the industry
  • Easy editing – Any subsequent changes to the website entry into production is simplified, once, during the programming phase, They are designed templates or templates for quickly creating or content change

With a phased and course planning,

We developed a methodology, we adapt to the complexity of each case, every website, every online store developed by us. From the start, It is presented a plan to the customer, shaped timeline, with all phases of the project. Some of these may or may not have the active participation of the client, as the contracted services:

  • Needs assessment
  • conceptual design / choice of graphical model
  • Customer approval
  • Programming
  • Implementation of further components (means of payment in online shops, integration with social networks, etc)
  • Support the production of content
  • Presentation of β
  • specific changes
  • Documentation
  • Customer Training
  • Into production
  • post-production support

Not all stages exist in all projects, but at the beginning of each will be presented to the customer specific schedule YOUR NEW WEBSITE.

The disposal of a portfolio of complementary services, but
at the end of the project

We believe in developing online presence solutions for businesses that enable them to manage autonomously and independently of the provider your website or online store. Although we have a broad portfolio of complementary services, It is at the discretion of our client your hiring. for such, we have a number of aspects that guarantee in all projects:

  • Authentication and full permissions are provided to the client
  • Delivery of a set of documentation considered essential and sufficient for nominal platform management in day-to-day
  • Training in basic subjects of the platform and website features online store.

For us, the new website of our customers is ownership of own. And it is the customers who decide what to make of your business. Simple. Clear. Transparent.

But our customers are not alone…
to enhance their online presence

The development of a new website carries a set of needs for which our customers may not be properly prepared. And those needs may arise during development or later to, a fully operational phase. The ADDITIONAL SERVICES will exactly meet those needs.

  • Systems and Security Management – The online presence entails known risks of all. A good security management involves the monitoring access, constant reconfiguration of the platform and recurrent critical data copy. These services are provided in annual procurement regime, enabling our customers to focus on essential: your business.
  • Optimization for Search Engines – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – A “porta input” of most users of websites and online stores is a search engine. With a continued service monitoring and modification of programming and content, guarantee that the terms of the most important research for your business result in the inclusion of its new site on the first page of results of research. This is coated with highly dynamic and require a constant work, in response to the changing algorithms of search engines and search habits of your potential customers.
  • massive inclusion of items in online stores – The start of an online store always involves the insertion of a product catalog, with all its well-defined and explained features. This task can be tedious and time consuming massive. We automation and teams of editors ready to, quickly, insert their products in the new online sales platform, adjusted in time to their real needs.
  • digital content (Photography and Video) – An excellent site or online store goes through an irreproachable quality of its graphic content. We have a wide network of partners and resources to produce any multimedia content, from photographs, videos, audio or vector graphics.
  • Definition of Corporate Image – It is not unusual for our customers seize the development of its online presence to reformulate or even address for the first time its corporate image. This is the definition of logos, lettering, document formats, visit cards… ultimately, all those graphic aspects which together are described in the Corporate Identity Manual. Our graphic designers are able to create or adjust your new image. Online and “off-line”.

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