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“Your brand is not what you say you are, but what Google says it is” – Chris Anderson, journalist.

“In the Information Age, …a website of a company is the key to ALL your business” – Marcus Sheridan, Author “The Sales Lion”

“The online presence of companies is not a thing of the future. Not an innovation, or a fashion. It's essential, in that it is of the essence, the existence of any business. It is mandatory. And now!” – Jonathan Bergerman, independent consultant in e-Commerce

For SMEs there is not always the immediate availability of financing a project that is in line with its strategic objectives. Often opts for a small web page that does more harm than good or, worse, to delay investment.

After facing many of these cases, We decided to create a solution: Websites and Online Stores with all the necessary features to the projection of your business, with continued support, monitoring access, security and exceptional performance with monthly payments, from 24.70€.

We have several solutions available, for different purposes and conditions for starting, but the example, by this monthly cost will:

  • Needs assessment
  • conceptual design
  • Programming
  • Approval of structure
  • Support the production of content
  • BETA version of Presentation
  • change
  • Documentation
  • Formation
  • Into production

Options that will give you access to Search Engine Optimization, the production of graphic content, and recording results domains, email, integration with redes jugss, production of video… everything you need for your online presence result, They are also available with staged payments.

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